Meet The Ropers


Yep! That's us. We've been there and we truly understand how important images from your wedding are.

We are Terri and Eric Roper, the only husband and wife wedding photojournalism team in Chicagoland. Both of us started our careers as photojournalists working in newspapers and magazines in Chicago. Our career paths took us both to Denver, where we worked as photographers for various magazines, newspapers, and catalogs. Eventually, we met, got married, and combined our photography businesses and studios, and Roper Photo was born.

At that time, we both started to photograph weddings and discovered we had the same approach to capturing images of a wedding day. We did so in the style we had been photographing for all those magazine articles and news events we had covered as photojournalists. we found that we were able to preserve a bride and groom's special day in a unique way different from the other photographers around us. We were able to tell the story of a wedding day and the events that took place by not just photographing the participants but by capturing the emotions of the participants and the memories they were making as they happened. We remained unobtrusive and made sure to just be observers of the day and not participants. We prided ourselves on being the storytellers and not the story makers.

We loved doing it this way, and the brides and grooms we had the honor to photograph loved it too. They were thrilled with how they could relive this very special day in their lives and feel all the emotions they felt by looking at the pictures we delivered to them.

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